Laura Quinn Hawk: An Inspiring Portrait of Talent and Family

Laura Quinn Hawk is a name that resonates within the American football community because of her marriage to former NFL player A.J. Hawk and her involvement in interior design and philanthropy. This article delves into Laura’s multifaceted life, exploring her early life, professional achievements, and personal endeavors.

Early Life and Foundation

Born Laura Quinn in 1985 in Dublin, Ohio, she grew up in a close-knit family with strong American roots. Laura’s early life was shaped by the values of hard work, education, and the importance of family – principles that would guide her through her personal and professional life. Her brother, Brady Quinn, is a former NFL quarterback who initially brought the Quinn family into the sports limelight.

Academic and Professional Journey

Laura Quinn Hawk


Laura’s journey into interior design began with an academic foundation rooted in the arts and design. Although specifics about her educational background are primarily private, her transition from academics to professional success is a testament to her talent and determination.

Over the years, Laura Quinn Hawk has carved out a niche as a talented interior designer known for harmonizing contemporary and traditional elements.

A Career in Interior Design

Laura Quinn Hawk is the proud owner of LCH Interiors, a boutique interior design firm that highlights her innovative and unique approach to design. Her work is characterized by meticulous attention to detail, a sophisticated color palette, and an intuitive understanding of space.

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Through LCH Interiors, Laura has contributed to various high-profile projects, transforming living spaces into beautifully orchestrated environments that reflect her clients’ personalities and needs.

Life with A.J. Hawk

Laura’s personal life garnered public attention following her marriage to A.J. Hawk, a renowned former linebacker for the Green Bay Packers. Their union is celebrated as a partnership of two individuals deeply committed to their families and careers.

Their relationship is a pillar of strength, grounded in mutual respect and understanding. The couple is blessed with children, and together, they navigate the challenges and joys of parenting, always prioritizing their family’s well-being.

Philanthropy and Social Commitment

Philanthropy And Social Commitment Laura Quinn Hawk

Beyond her professional achievements and family life, Laura Quinn Hawk is deeply committed to giving back to the community. She supports various charitable causes, focusing on children’s welfare, health care, and education. Laura’s philanthropic efforts reflect her compassionate nature and desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Legacy and Inspiration


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Laura Quinn Hawk represents a modern Renaissance woman — successful, compassionate, and family-oriented. Her journey from a small town in Ohio to achieving professional success while maintaining a strong family foundation inspires many young women aspiring to balance career and personal life effectively.

Laura’s legacy is not just in the beautiful spaces she creates or the charitable work she champions but also in the empowerment and embodiment of contemporary womanhood.


How did AJ Hawk and Laura Quinn meet?

They met through a mutual friend, former OSU linebacker Fred Pagac Jr., a few years ago. Nothing happened initially, but they reconnected over the summer and had their first date watching the Miami-Florida State game in September. They’ve been together ever since.

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How many children do they have?

Based on the information provided, AJ Hawk has four children.

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