How Old Is Shawty Bae? A TikTok Phenomenon

In the vibrant world of social media, few stars shine as brightly as Shawty Bae. She has danced her way into the hearts of millions with electrifying TikTok performances. But beyond belly dancing videos and lip-syncs, many are curious about the person behind the persona, mainly how old she is.

This article delves into not only her age but also her background, career, and achievements.

Early Life and Background

Born Jasmine Orlando on November 8, 2002, in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota, Shawty Bae passionately embraced Scorpio traits. As of 2024, she stands bright and young at 21 years old.

Shawty’s journey into the limelight wasn’t a straight line. After her parents separated when she was only two, she navigated childhood and adolescence alongside three siblings, molding a resilience and independence that shine through work today.

Shawty Bae


The Dawn of a Digital Star

Her journey into the digital world began earnestly with TikTok, the platform where she first shared creativity with the world in 2020. Her debut was nothing short of a sensation, quickly accumulating followers drawn to her unique blend of charm, dance, and candidness. Today, the TikTok account @shawtybaeofficial boasts 1.3 million followers and counting.

A Mosaic of Talents

Shawty Bae’s creativity doesn’t stop at TikTok. She expanded her digital footprint to YouTube on July 19, 2019, where the channel has grown to over 57 thousand subscribers. Through vlogs, pranks, Q&As, and makeup tutorials, she offers a window into life beyond the 60-second format of TikTok, establishing a deeper connection with her audience.

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Instagram Stardom

Her Instagram account, @shawtybaeofficial_, tells a similar story of success. With 325 thousand followers, Shawty has transformed the page into a vibrant gallery showcasing her life, passions, and fashion sense. She recently ventured into entrepreneurship, launching a product line that includes T-shirts and hoodies, further cementing the brand in the social media landscape.

The Person Behind the Persona

Despite her meteoric rise, Shawty Bae keeps certain cards close to her chest, particularly regarding her personal life. Nevertheless, she has shared glimpses, revealing that she is currently single. She has also been candid about past relationships, including a humorous admission of being “delusionally dating” fellow TikTok star Willito in imagination and past experiences of love and heartbreak.

Net Worth and Earnings

With fame comes financial success, and Shawty is no exception. Her endeavors on social media have reportedly amassed a net worth of $1 million as of 2024. This figure is a testament to hard work, versatility, and the monetization of online presence through brand partnerships and merchandise sales.


From her early days in Minnesota to her current status as a social media sensation, she has traversed a remarkable path. At just 21 years old, she embodies the spirit of Generation Z’s digital pioneers—creative, entrepreneurial, and unapologetically themselves.

As her platforms continue to grow, so will the interest in art and story. Shawty Bae stands as a beacon for aspiring content creators everywhere, demonstrating that with passion and persistence, the world is theirs to enchant.

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