The Story of Courtenay Chatman and Michael Jai White

The story of Courtenay Chatman, the ex-wife of the renowned actor and martial artist Michael Jai White, encompasses their shared journey and accomplishments. This article delves into their relationship, highlighting significant milestones and presenting an overview of their lives during and after their union.

Courtenay Chatman: A Brief Overview

Chatman is an accomplished obstetrician and gynecologist. Known for her dedicated service and contribution to women’s health, Dr. Chatman has established herself as a respected figure in medical circles. Her background in medicine, coupled with her involvement in community health initiatives, reflects her commitment to bettering lives beyond the confines of her clinic.

Courtenay Chatman And Michael Jai White


Michael Jai White: From Martial Arts to the Big Screen

White has carved a niche in martial arts and acting. Known for his roles in “Spawn” and “Black Dynamite,” he is recognized for his martial arts skills and contribution to action cinema. His remarkable physical abilities and acting prowess have amassed him a loyal fan following globally.

A Union of Personalities

Courtenay Chatman and Michael Jai White’s relationship began in the early 2000s, blossoming into marriage in August 2005. The couple’s union was celebrated as a coming together of two successful individuals from different professional backgrounds, highlighting their shared interests and mutual respect for careers.

Shared Joy: The Birth of Their Child

The couple welcomed their daughter, Morgan Michelle White, in December 2008. Morgan’s birth was celebrated in the couple’s life, marking a new chapter in their personal lives.

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Despite their demanding careers, Chatman and White prioritized their roles as parents, often sharing glimpses of their family life with the public.

The Road to Separate Lives

Despite a seemingly harmonious relationship, both decided to part ways in 2011. The divorce was finalized, marking the end of their six-year marriage. While the details of their separation were kept private, it was evident that both she and White wished to handle their divorce with dignity and respect for the sake of their daughter.

Life After Divorce

Chatman and White have continued to excel in their respective fields after their separation. Dr. Chatman has furthered her advocacy for women’s health, while White has expanded his repertoire in the film industry with directorial ventures and continued acting roles. They have shown that personal growth and professional success can flourish even after life takes unexpected turns.


The story of Courtenay Chatman and Michael Jai White is a testament to mutual respect and admiration, both during their marriage and after their separation.

Their journey reflects their strengths and shared commitment to their daughter’s well-being. As each continues to make their mark in their respective domains, their story remains a significant chapter in their lives, remembered with respect and dignity.

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