Constantine Yankoglu Exposed: The Truth About Patricia Heaton’s Ex-Husband

A curious name often surfaces when exploring lesser-known individuals connected to celebrities: Constantine Yankoglu. While not a public figure, Yankoglu once shared a significant part of his life with actress Patricia Heaton, known for her role in the popular TV series “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

This article aims to shed light on Constantine’s story, offering insights into the background, his marriage to Patricia Heaton, and where he stands today.

Early Life and Background

Constantine Yankoglu was born on February 2, 1954, in Fayette, Kentucky, United States. Information about early life, including details about his parents, siblings, and education, remains scarce, highlighting Yankoglu’s preference for a life away from the glaring spotlight of media attention.

Marriage to Patricia Heaton

Constantine Yankoglu


Yankoglu stepped into the limelight through his marriage to Patricia Heaton, an actress who would later gain fame and acclaim for her roles in American television. The couple tied the knot on October 10, 1984. At the time, Yankoglu and Heaton were striving to make names for themselves in their respective careers, navigating the complexities of life together.

Despite their hopes and dreams, the marriage encountered rough waters, leading to its dissolution in 1987. The reasons behind their separation have not been extensively publicized, respecting both parties’ privacy. Following their divorce, Heaton’s career took a significant upward turn, whereas Yankoglu stepped away from the public eye, maintaining privacy.

Life After Divorce

Constantine Yankoglu has maintained a low profile since his separation from Patricia Heaton. There is little information available regarding professional endeavors or personal life post-divorce. This discretion has allowed him to avoid the public scrutiny often faced by individuals connected to celebrities.

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On the other hand, Patricia Heaton’s career blossomed spectacularly after their divorce. She became widely recognized for her role as Debra Barone in “Everybody Loves Raymond,” earning multiple awards and nominations for her performance. Despite the end of their marriage, there has been no public animosity between Yankoglu and Heaton, suggesting a mutual understanding and respect for each other’s paths post-divorce.

Where is Constantine Yankoglu Now?

Where Is Constantine Yankoglu Now

Details about Constantine Yankoglu’s current whereabouts and activities are not widely known. This lack of information is consistent with a long-standing preference for private life, away from the media’s and fans’ prying eyes.

Unlike Constantine’s former wife, who is active in Hollywood and social media, Yankoglu has chosen a path devoid of public attention.


The story reminds him of the numerous individuals who briefly become subjects of public interest due to their associations with famous personalities. Despite their marriage’s dissolution, Yankoglu and Heaton have moved forward, each carving out their own space – one in the limelight and the other far from it.

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