The Fascinating Life of Anya Robbie

While Margot Robbie shines brightly in the cinematic universe, her elder sister, Anya Robbie, captures interest with a more reserved but no less intriguing life. From her upbringing in Australia to her professional life and unique relationship with her famous sister, Anya’s story is a testament to the diversity of success within a single family.

This article delves into life, exploring early years, education, career achievements, and close-knit bond with Margot Robbie.

Early Life and Family Background

Born in 1989 in Dalby, Queensland, Australia, Anya Robbie grew up in what could be described as an idyllic setting for a future financier. As the eldest daughter of Doug Robbie, a sugarcane tycoon, and Sarie Kessler, a physiotherapist, Anya’s early life was a mix of rustic charm and familial warmth.

Despite the eventual divorce of her parents, the Robbie siblings — Anya, Lachlan, Cameron, and Margot — remained closely knit, a trait that has persisted into their adult lives.

Anya Robbie


Academic Pursuits and Professional Journey

Choosing to carve out a path from the cinematic world that would later claim sister, Anya pursued a degree in accountancy from Bond University. Her academic excellence and dedication set the stage for a promising career in finance.

Upon completing studies, she entered the world of finance, rapidly climbing the ranks to become a senior accountant. Incredible attention to detail, analytical skills, and a profound commitment to ethical financial practices characterize work.

Personal Life and Disposition

Anya Robbie, much like her sister, values privacy in her personal life. She has kept details about romantic relationships and day-to-day activities away from the public eye, a stark contrast to the media attention often directed at Margot. This discretion underscores a difference in personality between the siblings, who prefer a life away from the limelight.

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Relationship with Margot Robbie

Relationship With Margot Robbie

Despite their different career paths and public profiles, the bond between Anya and Margot Robbie is strong. Margot has often been vocal about the support and love she receives from her family, including Anya.

This mutual admiration and respect showcases the depth of their relationship, unaffected by fame or professional endeavors. In 2019, Margot gifted Anya a dream trip on the Ghan railway for her 30th birthday, emphasizing the sisters’ thoughtful and personal connection.


Anya Robbie’s story is a fascinating narrative of personal achievement and familial bonds. Her success in the finance industry showcases her as a formidable intellect and professional. Meanwhile, her relationship with sister Margot offers a glimpse into a life enriched by love and mutual respect.

The journey eloquently illustrates that success comes in many forms and that personal fulfillment and close family ties are invaluable measures of a life well-lived.

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