Anne Steves: A Closer Look at Rick Steves’ Former Partner

Anne Steves was married to travel guidebook author and TV host Rick Steves for over two decades before their divorce in 2010. Despite maintaining a relatively private life, she has been in the public eye due to her association with Rick Steves and her contributions to their shared ventures.

Early Life and Career

Anne Steves was born and raised in the United States. Not much about her early life or career is known, as Anne has kept a low profile.

Marriage to Rick Steves

Anne and Rick Steves were married for over twenty years before divorcing in 2010. Their partnership extended beyond personal life, as Anne also played a crucial role in Rick’s business endeavors, supporting him in developing his travel guidebook series and other projects.

Anne Steves


Parenting and Family Life

Anne and Rick Steves have two children, Andy and Jackie. Despite their divorce, Anne and Rick have taken an amicable approach to co-parenting their children.

Contributions to Rick Steves’ Ventures

While Anne Steves preferred to remain out of the spotlight, she was known to have made significant contributions to Rick Steves’ travel business. Her support and involvement in the early stages of Rick’s career were invaluable to the success of the Rick Steves brand.

Life Post-Divorce

After Rick’s divorce, Anne has maintained a private life away from the media. There is limited public information about her current endeavors or personal life, as she has chosen to live a more private and low-key lifestyle.

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Anne Steves played an influential role in the life and career of travel guidebook author Rick Steves, supporting him personally and professionally during their marriage. While her public presence has diminished since their divorce, her impact on Rick’s successful travel business remains an important part of their shared history.

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